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A Unique News Platform For all to Deliver Hard-hitting Neutral Facts and Not Adapted fascinating Stories or News Summaries!

In today’s fast age, many of us want to stay informed with the latest news and happenings in no time. However, it is very difficult to accept that the information we are receiving might be coming from biased sources. 

When all we need is the facts, most of the news articles are biased and do not give a fair representation of real stories. They either reveal partial truth or overstate the facts with compelling headlines and juicy content. We believe that the fact should be revealed as a fact. It should not be represented in a sugarcoated format to pull more readers. Many news portals and journalist prefer biased news reporting in order to stay ahead in the race. Among hundreds of factual news articles, only those have been selected and published which have entertainment value. Many times, facts are modified and represented in a fascinating manner. Therefore, we come across the news stories which are based on the facts, but do not expose the complete stories.  

TheCJRocks is a unique news platform that pulls only the reals news that matters to you and keep rest aside. Our endeavor is to publish only unbiased news that reveal complete stories and not just the gist or summary.

Though we try our best to deliver you with every possible news story, it is virtually impossible to bring every important news in to the light. Therefore, we welcome and call all professional writers, journalists, amateur bloggers, and people who are interested in journalism to make a contribution to help grow this evolutionary news platform.

TheCJRocks is a crowd source platform where anyone can publish factual news articles to convey the real stories. It gives you an opportunity to become a part of unbiased news reporting. Join TheCJRocks and become true citizen journalists.


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