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Ways to set your wet hairs quickly

Don't worry for your alarm clocks now. You can just press the snooze button as much as you want when you wish to wash your hairs. Here's solution for quickly dry up your wet hairs and set them. During Wash to speed up your blow-dry , avoid `moisturizing' shampoos. "They leave a coating on hair which takes longer to dry ," says Marc Trinder, art team director at a salon. "Volumising shampoos are usually best and give a bouncy blow-dry a head start."
Your hair will dry faster if you skip regular conditioner and just use a leave-in conditioner spray , says Marc. "A conditioner is now available in spray form; it is fantastic it smooths, conditions, defrizzes, stops static - it does everything."
Five seconds squirting on a rapid blow-dry spray will cut minutes off your styling time and protect your hair from heat damage."

A big bouncy blow dry will `take' so much better and faster if you squirt good `ole mousse into the roots first, says Aaron Carlo, hairstylist. "Apply it when the hair is still fairly wet so that the moisture will dilute it and stop it going tacky while still giving you masses of hold." You're wasting precious time if you try to shape your hair into a pro-blow finish before it's practically dry, says Aaron. "The quickest way to get hair to this point is to towel dry, then lean forwards and rake your hair with your hands as you blast it with the hairdryer, minus the nozzle.Once your hair is 95% dry it's ready to style, but don't flip it back right away - whack it with the hairdryer's cool shot to make your root volume last."

When it's time to pop on the nozzle and shape your hair, shape your hair, don't feel you have to use a big round brush. Don't waste time with a paddle brush though - it has no grip so you'll just be going over the same section without a sleek result." It's tempting to skip this step, but your hair will style in half the minutes if you work on smaller bits at a time. "You can't get enough heat into big sections," says celeb hairstylist Jamie Stevens. "Don't try to recreate what stylists do in the salons - just splitting hair into three sections will save time and give a longer-lasting finish."

To whip your blow-dry into shape in record time and keep it there for hours, give your nearly dry hair a mist of thermal styling spray before you start shaping. "You'll get away with it if you focus on areas the eye is drawn to," says Jordan. "Use the dryer nozzle plus thermal spray to polish the fluffy bits at the hairline, then add a few drops of oil at the ends to hide dry ends. The bit in the middle won't matter so much then."

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