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South Africa tour in India

The BCCI's protest to the ICC's evaluation of the Nagpur pitch is that there are "irregularities" in the match official's report, and the board collectively remains behind the surface. As indicated by a top BCCI official, the appraisal that the Nagpur pitch was "poor" was not right, and that the BCCI was going to challenge it emphatically. "The report says the ball "spun" on the very beginning," he said on the sidelines of the IPL Governing Council meeting in Delhi. "It says 'extreme turn' just for day three." However, it is significant that the ICC's rules on what qualifies as a poor pitch may be "unreasonable help to turn bowlers, particularly right on time in the match", and not only ahead of schedule in the match.

The authorities present at the meeting were heartfelt in their backing of the pitch, whose unnecessary turn, variable bob and pace had come in for feedback from different quarters. "Over the top turn is subjective," the authority said. "It relies on upon how the bowler utilizes it. I don't think there was anything amiss with the surface."The ICC educated the BCCI on December 1 that Jeff Crowe, the match ref, in meeting with the umpires, had appraised the pitch poor. The BCCI had 14 days to react after which Geoff Allardice, ICC"s general administrator of cricket, and Ranjan Madugalle, its boss match ref, will consider all confirmation, including video footage of the match, before choosing if the pitch was to be sure poor.

On the off chance that observed to be poor, the punishments range from a notice and/or a fine of $15,000 with a mandate to foundation remedial measures. Another authority said the most dire outcome imaginable will be a notice from the ICC, yet demanded there was nothing amiss with the pitch. "Early turn is another idea to them [the batsmen]," he said. "Possibly they are not accustomed to it, but rather it would have been an issue just if the pitch had been unsafe."

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