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Marathi actor's splitsville this year

Breakups are a part-n-parcel of an actor’s life much like everyone else's. Here is a list of Marathi actors who ended their love-relationships this year.

Pallavi Subhash and Aniket Vishwasrao this is the latest case. They were in an affection relationship for eight long years, chose to go separate ways a few months back. Furthermore, however the business was overflowing with discusses their split for very at some point, Pallavi trusted in us just as of late. She said, "Aniket and I are no more seeing one another and have gone separate ways. It's been a couple of months now and the choice was common." Pallavi included that the explanation behind the separation entirely individual. "I wouldn't have any desire to discuss it. Now and again it happens that you feel somebody is ideal for you at a specific age yet as you grow up and develop, your contemplations transform," she said.

Performing artist executive Pushkar Jog who as of late got hitched to carrier representative Jasmine Brahmbhatt, had got connected with to Roma Abhyankar in December 2012. The couple was booked to get married in July 2013, however something turned out badly in the middle of them and the wedding never occurred. Actually, Pushkar stunned his fans by reporting his wedding to Jasmine only four days before the marriage date. When we introduced the point of his engagement with Roma with Pushkar, he had let us know that it failed out because of some individual reasons.

Tejashree Pradhan and Shashank Ketkar on the off chance that Pushkar's separation was most unceremonious, this one takes the crown for being the most stunning. In the event that sources are to be trusted, reel-to-genuine turned couple, Tejashree and Shashank, are very nearly a separation in the wake of getting hitched in February this year. The couple became hopelessly enamored with one another one the arrangements of their Marathi appear 'Honar Suun Mi Hya Gharchi' in which they paper spouse wife.
A source lets us know, "Shashank is known not exceptionally coquettish and there had been issues among the two for quite a while." Apparently, the couple doesn't even identify with one another on the sets and there are two gatherings on the set. One that is faithful to Tejashree, and the other with Shashank. Regardless of whether the news is genuine stays indistinct as both Shashank and Tejashree are keeping mum on the subject.

Siddharth Chandekar and Mugdha Paranjape Rumors are that on-screen character Siddharth Chandekar has split with his long-term sweetheart Mugdha Paranjpe, who he has been dating for as far back as seven years. It was amid the tryouts for a film challenge that the gossipy tidbits began making the rounds. Mugdha as of late tried out for the challenge which was led to choose the second courageous woman for Swapnil Joshi in his up and coming film 'Mitwaa'. Siddharth was tying down the appear.

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