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Kerala woman took a step against dowry system

A daring lady from Kerala as of late took to online networking to cancel her wedding when the lucky man and his family requested endowment. Remya Ramachandran, an occupant of Thrissur, made the strange declaration after her life partner's family heightened their requests taking after the engagement.

She wrote,"Friends, for those of you who as often as possible get some information about the wedding date, here comes a note. The family, which required just "me", pulled their leg after engagement. Presently they require an additional bundle of 50 sovereigns gold and 5 lakhs in real money, alongside me. As I am dangerous against Dowry and have less "resilience" towards the individuals who can't keep their pledge, I trust that "purchasing" such a dolt and his covetous family for this immense measure of cash will be an aggregate misfortune. Along these lines, I am crossing out this wedding. Much appreciated, Remya."

Remya got a considerable measure of commendation for her dauntlessness and made a significant blend on online networking. She charitably acknowledged the recognition recompensed to her, and answered in another post saying, "A debt of gratitude is in order for your enormous backing. I'm overpowered. I simply needed to tell my circle about the cancelation of my marriage. I never anticipated that this would be a break. In the interim, I might want to clarify that it was my presentation of a choice."

"I never had a goal to hurt anybody particularly. Kindly don't utilize my post for customized embarrassment, rather utilize it against our social standards. Individuals are unmindful for their own particular comfort and benefit .Thank you at the end of the day," Remya said.

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