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Indrani's sons logged complaint after Sheena's disappearance

Mekhail Bora and Rahul Mukerjea Indrani Mukherjea's child and step-child, individually have told the CBI they even drew closer an Army officer to mediate for their sake and inclination the Mumbai Police to enlist a protestation about Sheena Bora's vanishing. The Mumbai Police had asserted they had discovered the case while cross examining Indrani Mukerjea's driver Shyam Rai in an irrelevant case. Mekhail's announcement to examiners obviously said that he and Rahul had together drawn nearer Sheena's companion, who is hitched to an Army officer, to look for his assistance as their rehashed objections to the police were not being considered important, sources added.Indrani, wife of previous TV honcho Peter Mukerjea, was captured on August 25 by the Khar police for professedly killing her girl Sheena Bora in April, 2012. Later, her driver Shyam Rai and previous spouse Sanjeev Khanna were captured

As indicated by sources, Rahul told the CBI he never trusted Indrani's tale about Sheena traveling to another country.

"That night (when Indrani called Sheena to meet her), Rahul got an instant message from Sheena's telephone expressing she would continue through to the end at Indrani's place and give back the next morning. Sheena and Rahul, who were occupied with November 2011, were inhabiting a level in Marol. In the morning, when Sheena did not return, Rahul called Indrani, who let him know Rai had dropped her off after supper," said the source. Rahul included he later got a SMS from Sheena expressing she had discovered another beau and that he ought not contact her. "He (Rahul) says there was no purpose behind Sheena to dump him unexpectedly," the source said.

Rahul then took a stab at hotel a protest at the Khar, Bandra, Worli and MIDC police headquarters, yet was dismissed. "Two authorities from Worli police headquarters went by Peter Mukerjea's Worli house. A staff let them know that Sheena had not went by on April 24. The policemen then reached Indrani who let them know that Sheena was in Guwahati. The police did not handbag the grievance," included the source. Rahul then supposedly drew nearer three other police headquarters on April 27, 2012. However, when police checked with Indrani, they were told Sheena was in the US.

"Rahul and Mekhail then reached Sheena's companion, who talked about the matter with her spouse, who then addresses a senior officer in the Mumbai Police. The senior officer solicited one from his trusted men to keep a watch on Shyam Rai and Indrani… Indrani was out of the nation for more often than not somewhere around 2013 and 2014. She came back to Mumbai in August, 2015. It was on her arrival that Rai was captured under the Arms Act," the source said.

Rahul said "It is a twofold whammy for me as the blamed is my stride mother." Last week, the CBI additionally recorded Mekhail's announcement. Affirming that he and Rahul attempted unsuccessfully to hold up a protest, Mekhail said, "No one paid consideration on us.

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