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India may ask the U.K. to control Sikh TV slots

At the point when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the United Kingdom on November 12, he is prone to raise the issue of radical Sikh associations with his partner David Cameron. Mr. Modi is prone to request that the powers there rein in Sikh TV slots advancing radical assumptions among the diaspora, a senior government authority said. He is additionally prone to tell Mr. Cameron that there was an in number probability of these channels being subsidized by Pakistan's ISI and an examination ought to be propelled by the powers concerned.

This comes out of sight of resurgence of professional Khalistan estimations in Punjab, which saw far reaching dissents and savagery by virtue of tainting of sacred books of the Sikhs. A senior Home Ministry authority feels occurrences reported a month ago where torn-up pages of the Guru Granth Sahib were found outside a Gurudwara in Faridkot were a piece of a "configuration" to blend up militancy. A mystery government note, got to by The Hindu, has named a previous cop turned-legislator for the occurrences.

Punjab, ruled by the BJP partner Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), goes to the surveys in mid 2017 and authorities said these episodes were a reason for concern. The SAD government moved the test in these episodes to the Central Bureau of Investigation on Sunday.

In 2013, Sangat TV, a Birmingham-based TV slot, was punished by the U.K. powers for including reporters who upheld the death endeavor on Lt. Gen. Kuldeep Singh Brar, one of the modelers of Operation Bluestar (1984).

"We have arranged a point by point report on how the Sikh TV stations being keep running in the U.K were advancing the separatist development," said the administration official. On June 16, the Research and Analysis Wing sent a point by point report to the Prime Minister's Office itemizing the resurgence of radical Sikh associations over the globe.

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