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A lady arrested for smuggling Gold concealing in heels

The Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of Customs office on late Saturday night held Rajasthan-based Arvind Swami and seized 623 grams gold worth Rs 16 lakh from him at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel global airplane terminal. Swami had touched base by SpiceJet flight SG-016 from Dubai on Saturday night with seven gold scones hid in his trouser's pockets. This is the third instance of carrying this month.

Since January 2015, 41 instances of pirating have been identified at city air terminal, 47.273 kg of gold worth Rs 12.34 crore has been seized by traditions and DRI authorities and 43 runners have been kept. A month ago, internationals airplane terminals the nation over including Ahmedabad air terminal were put on alarm to check gold carrying as it was required to ascend amid the expected celebrations like Diwali and marriage season.

As indicated by sources, traditions authorities had been requested that increase measures, including minutely examining suspect travelers and business transfers to check gold sneaking. On Friday, a Rajkot based lady was held for carrying six gold bars of 600 grams worth Rs 15.6 lakh at city airplane terminal. She had hidden gold bars in the heels of her shoes.

Not long ago, AIU Airport had captured Suratbased Huzefa Mamuwala, group part Qatar Airways for carrying 1.17 kg gold worth Rs 31.24 lakh at city airplane terminal. He had covered gold bars in socks and trouser pockets. Taking after Mamuwala's capture one Customs Superintendent was suspended and two others were exchanged for their charged contribution in gold pirating.

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