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25 registered rape cases in India within just 8 days of December

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, if we consider only the first 8 days of December 25 cases of rape has been registered. The number of reported rape cases in India have been consistently ascending over the previous decade. This, as per scientists, is on the grounds that more ladies are turning out to report episodes of assault. In any case, NCRB reports express that the quantity of reported assaults in India are just an expected 1% of the aggregate number of assaults that happen yearly in the nation.

Minor being raped, Body of lady found dead in market place, son involved in mother's rape, sexually exploiting with the pretext of marriage. There are many many reasons through which women are suffering. Molestation at public places is not less common than sexual harassment at work place. Why this type of behavior is still growing in country.
Rape against Women have kept on standing out as truly newsworthy in our nation for a long while now. Open response to these violations has fluctuated in the middle of crests and lows; topping when a bizarre rape is conveyed to spotlight by standard media and ebbing without end after a time of maintained vociferous judgment on online networking stages and the incidental flame light walk.

In such a situation, it would be judicious for us to investigate the measurable information about Crimes against Women and sharpen ourselves about how we could manage these issues. What's more, for that basic reason covering every one of the violations against ladies in one article got to be unworkable. Henceforth in the first in a progression of articles on rape against ladies, we manage 'Assaults in India".

Even though it is seen that 30% of women are seen to just talk these things with others but report is generated only by 1 % women. A woman who chooses to report sexual violence to the police should be able to do it in an environment that is empowering and non-intimidating. A more confident survivor is also likely to be more forthcoming with details, which can lead to a more accurate report. The reports have submitted that there are many such cases which are not registered.

Women should come forward and plan for severe punishment to such criminals. It has been reported that 18 year old has been raped by several men in last 6 months when she was been trafficked from her hometown she is in critical condition. Several Minor was also reportedly snatched under this horrifying act.

Minors are from Kerala , Uttar Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Chhattisgarh. Bank manager was caught as criminal for same crime. Reports from Telangana, Punjab, Bihar and Gujarat found that girl was murdered after rape. These are the only cases which are registered and within 8 days of December. Police has arrested some and some are still moving between us. We should also be alert to punish them. These criminals should hangged till death!

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